16 December 2014

Future Plans.

as part of out PPD project we have been asked to write a little bit about what we want to be doing after the second year has finished. For me i would love to study the 3rd year and gain the BA in photography.  I wan to gain this BA because I have but a lot of work   in my studies over the last two years I would like to gain that qualification.

after studying, i would love to travel around some of the worlds most beautiful locations. I already have travel planned for the summer but i would like to see more of the world than what i have. 
In February i will be traveling to Amsterdam with my boyfriend and i will be traveling with my Canon 600D and my fujifilm instax mini 8 to give me two different styles of images. 

I decided that after the finishing the BA and traveling for a little I will settle down preferably in Newcastle and work as a photographers assistant. I will be able to gain some skills in understand what its like to develop yourself as a business.